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Tianlong is destroyed and love is not destroyed.
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Before Midsummer could speak, the young man had already brought her in. I have two here. The soul-chasing yaksha's cold voice came. As soon as the young man led the team to her side, he looked at the big axe dripping with blood on her head in surprise and muttered in a low voice, "What a violent woman!" Midsummer is also very surprised, in her impression, although the soul chasing yaksha temper is not very good, but also never kill people casually, how can today kill so many people? Looked at the youth they did not move, chasing the soul yaksha coldly glanced at two people, "I have no money on me, even if I burst nothing." "Oh." The young man shook his head and smiled at her words, and then began to beat the horse thief. Goblin, be careful yourself. The attack of the horse thief has been improved. Looking back at the summer, the young man exhorted. Hearing the young man's voice, the soul-chasing yaksha raised his head in surprise and repeated,Time Delay Faucet, "Goblin?" "Well, my sister.". You know her? The young man's face changed and he turned to ask the soul-chasing yaksha. When he left just now, the snow cicada told him that he must not let others know the identity of the goblin, so he said that midsummer was his sister. Chasing the soul Yaksha looked at midsummer and shook his head. "I'm mistaken. Her name is the same as a friend I used to know, but she deleted the number." Friend, do you treat me as a friend? Midsummer listened to the words of the soul chasing yaksha heart do not know what is the taste,stainless steel toilet, there are so many people remember themselves, does this mean that they are not so unsuccessful! "She knows you, Goblin?" The youth asked on a private channel. Yes, she is the Supreme Internal Affairs Envoy, and she has promoted me before. Midsummer replied. It's her! The young man exclaimed, "I didn't expect my idol to be a beauty!" The young man suddenly said something without thinking. What do you mean Midsummer does not understand. The ninety-ninth chapter is the youth in the spring period. The ninety-ninth chapter is the youth in the spring period. "Buddha said:" Do not say, do not say that young people shake their heads is not to say the point. Summer gave him a white look, and then turned away from him, anyway, someone will be able to say it. Well, aren't you curious? After a long time to see no response in midsummer, Flush Retrofit Kit ,Flush valve price, the young man finally could not help but put his head together. Not interested. Midsummer deliberately looked up at the clouds in the sky, "the weather is good today." "Well, well, I said it's not enough to see midsummer ignore himself, the young man finally admitted defeat." This soul-chasing yaksha is no longer a supreme person, and I heard that she is the only one in the supreme who voluntarily quit the gang. " The young man chatted with Midsummer as he beat the horse thief, and his eyes kept looking at the soul-chasing yaksha. She quit the gang? Why, isn't she the supreme housekeeper? "I heard that Qiushui had a conflict with her after he entered the Supreme, and then the boss scolded Shenyue and Qiushui and quit the gang." Dare to scold the God moon, ah, this courage alone is extraordinary. By this time, Midsummer's mouth had completely turned into an "O" shape, and she didn't know that the fork was so hot. After killing the horse thief, nothing came out. The young man directly gave the team to the soul-chasing yaksha. "You take it. Anyway, you put it." Chasing soul yaksha also did not refuse, after the red phoenix with the team began to wander on the grassland, but along the road did not see the presence of horse thieves, until the team to chase the wind ridge, chasing soul yaksha do not know why suddenly stopped. What's the matter? The young man stood on the ground and asked. There is a small white in front. Do you want to fight at level 62? Xiaobai, formerly known as Bai Mingqi, is the BOSS on the grassland. Refresh only at a fixed time every day. Usually, as long as they just brush out, they will be killed. I don't know why there is a fish that slips through the net today. There is a BOSS in midsummer. Suddenly his eyes turned green. She hasn't played any BOSS since she entered the game. What's more, I heard that the system was updated recently. Bai Mingqi has a certain chance to get out of the skill book of level 45 of Beggar's Sect. How can a book be sold for two hundred gold! "Of course." The two young men spoke with one voice. Two ninety-two goons and one ninety eyebrows. It is easy to deal with a BOSS of more than sixty. And Bai Mingqi has a weakness. After half of his body was covered in blood. As long as they cooperate well, they can get him stuck. At that time, he will be the meat on the board.
At the mercy of others. Look, everyone in the team agreed. The soul-chasing yaksha took the team directly to Xiaobai. And then lifted the follow. After adding the state. Under the "loving" eyes of three people. Midsummer took the initiative to run to one side and stand. As soon as the young man ordered. Wait for the small white blood to fall to half of the time and then let the summer come over card strange. Midsummer shrugged helplessly. Fine. Who calls himself a low level! Each of the three summoned his own baby. The youth and the Yaksha are two red dragon tortoises with light. Summoned by one place is a second-generation fire mane rat with purple flame all over its body. Midsummer looked on with envy. I don't know when I can take Kirin with me. Although the attack power of Xiaobai is very high. A hammer can kill several summers. But watch the three of them work together. Midsummer is still very reassuring. Especially when watching the Yaksha attack. For the first time, she felt the strength of her eyebrows. Yaksha's attack power is definitely not much worse than the other two. And it adds blood. No wonder people say that a high attack eyebrow is against the existence of heaven and earth. Sure enough! "Goblin, come." I watched half of Xiaobai's blood drop. The young man roared midsummer in his voice, and then smirked, "Haha, my voice is more powerful than the lion's roar in Shaolin. People blame me for roaring." Midsummer gave him an angry white look, if not for the sake of BOSS exploding good things, how could she be so good. Goblins, don't use camouflage and moonfall. The soul-chasing Yaksha opened his mouth to remind him. …… I just ran out of smoke and mirrors. The crowd looked helplessly at Xiaobai, who was blinded by a camouflage in midsummer. "" The soul-chasing yaksha is speechless. Very not easy to be blocked back,Time Delay Tap, Bai Mingqi was surrounded by four people for five minutes, and then fell to the ground unwillingly. At this time, the four people also have different expressions. cnkexin.com
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